Fraser Island Trip

After being stuck over Christmas in the most out the way and empty hostel in Hervey Bay, It was finally time to start my tour of Fraser Island. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world stretching out 75 miles in length and 15 miles in width. It’s base of volcanic rock that’s… Continue reading Fraser Island Trip


Hervey Bay The Gateway To Fraser Island

I arrived in Hervey Bay, the Gateway to Fraser Island, after getting sick in Brisbane. Needing my own room for a few days to recover I booked in to a hostel ( which I’ll leave nameless ) with the only private room left at the time due to Christmas quickly approaching. I had to unfortunately… Continue reading Hervey Bay The Gateway To Fraser Island

Brisbane City

After a three hour greyhound trip from Byron Bay I reach Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland. After a very hot and sweaty walk I make it to my Hostel. The temperatures seem to be getting higher the further north I get! I got up early to explore the city, without knowing much about it… Continue reading Brisbane City

The Stunning Blue Mountains

After I saw Sydney, I was so eager to go and explore some of the outback. With the Blue Mountains, Home to the Famous three sisters only a reasonably short distance away I had to visit.I got up early and caught the train to Katoomba station to meet the Blue Mountains explorer bus before the… Continue reading The Stunning Blue Mountains


So I'll start my first post as I make my first journey up the east coast of Australia on the Greyhound bus. Leaving Sydney heading towards Port Macquarie. I'm only starting to realise just how large and vast this country actually is!! Originally thinking, I'll just book a ticket from Sydney up to Brisbane, then realising… Continue reading Sydney