ImageProfileOt.pngAbout Oto

Hi I’m Oto, I’m a 34 year old single guy…. Wait, this sounds like an online dating profile…

Bear with me.

I was born in the beautiful British Virgin Islands and currently living in the new forest area of the U.K.

I’ve always had a passion for travel, food, exploring new Places and experiencing new cultures.

After getting stuck in a bit of a rut with life I’ve decided to pack a bag, buy a one way ticket to go and explore.

A few people have said to me “aren’t you too old to be going off traveling?” At first, for a couple minutes, I did think to myself, hmmm maybe they are right? Luckily this thought didn’t last too long.

This Blog

Oto’s travels will contain details of all my adventures and highly likely, some misadventures along the way.

I’ll be starting my adventure in Australia, landing in Sydney, and without any set plans, making my way around the country before moving on.

Fell free to follow me on this blog, Instagram and Facebook to follow my mild midlife crisis.