Grampians National Park Victoria

If you’re making you’re way along the Great Ocean Road, there is no excuse not to make a stop at The Grampians National Park.

The Grampians in Victoria are a series of five spectacular sandstone cliff faces running north to south. Formed from earth movements lifting the impressive sandstone to create an amazing landscape of peaks and valleys. The area includes waterfalls to impressive panoramic views of the surrounding area.

There is an abundance of sights to see and you can spend at least a week exploring the area, or if you’re pushed for time there’s allot to be seen in just a few days.

From bushwalking and rock climbing, fishing, canoeing to learning about the aboriginal rock art and culture at the Brambuk National Park and Cultural Centre.

Hikes, Walks and Waterfalls

The Pinnacle

Regarded as the best walk in the National Park, The Pinnacle is categorised as easy to medium, but is actually fairly steep. You can start the walk by parking at the sundial carpark, where the beginning of the 4.2km track begins.

The Balconies Lookout

The Balconies walk runs at 2 km and is fairly easy, and in my opinion offers the best views in the area.

Mount Rosea

This is the highest peak close to Halls Gap and is an excellent day trip through The Grampians rugged scenery. Negotiating stone steps takes you through forest, rocky areas and giant boulders.

Mackenzie Falls

Mackenzie falls are one of the biggest waterfalls in Victoria, and definitely one of the most stunning! There are several short walking trails around the falls, with the pool below. It offers the perfect place to take a dip and cool off from the heat.

Swimming in the pools below the falls is. It recommend, sew to a few people drowning there. But I found reasonably safe if you’re a confident swimmer. The rocks entering the pool can be very slippery so obvious caution is advised.

The scenery of The Grampians is absolutely stunning, and blue mist in the area really reminded me of the Blue Mountains. The vastness of the area really reminds you of the size this of this amazing country.

During the Summer months with temperatures reaching the high thirties, it’s strongly advised to take allot of water with you while tracking the area. We did manage to get slightly lost on the way back from the pinnacle treck, but managed to get back on to the right path as most are clearly marked.

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