Hahndorf, South Australia

Making my way along The Great Ocean Road, with a German friend I met up with in Adelaide, we had no excuse to not make a stop at The Old Hahndorf Village.

Hahndorf Village is a beautiful little place to visit as you make your way along The Great Ocean Road. Located about 40 minutes outside of Adelaide lies Australia’s oldest German Settlement, which shows it’s German flavour with a Main Street lined with small goods outlets and traditional German bakeries.

Trendy eateries and cafes serving the freshest local produce line the streets here as well as quaint little shops selling traditional german wooden toys and knickknacks.

This little Piece of German history was first established in early 1939, when immigrants arrived. The Town’s name comes from the honour of Captain Dirk Meinhertz Hahn the Captain of the ship.

This historical Town is filled with well preserved original buildings, built by the early settlers. Rich in history, the obvious time to visit Old Hahndorf is in October for Octoberfest, when the Town truly comes alive. However, if you’re visiting at other times of the year you won’t be disappointed with the history and culture this beautiful little place holds.

If you’re taking a road trip along the Great Ocean Road, this little pitstop shouldn’t go un-missed.


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