Lake Bumbunga, South Australia

I haven’t written any posts for a while so I’ll start to write about my trip down the Great Ocean Road in several blogs over the next few days.

After traveling through the red centre I got a flight to Adelaide today meet up with a German guy I had met on Fraser Island.

We arranged to get a camper van to travel down the great ocean road to Melbourne.

We met up in Adelaide and discussed where we wanted to go along the road trip over a few beers before picking up the camper van the following morning.

Instead of heading directly for the route everyone else does we headed on a two hour drive in the other direction towards a small town called Lochiel to check out Lake Bumbunga.

Lake Bumbunga is a vast Pink Salt Water Lake. It gets it’s pink colour from the presence of carotene producing algae.

It used to be used as a salt production site but now just lays bare.

There is absolutely nothing much around the lake, just one Cafe / convenience store called “Jitter Bean Oasis” and this is where you want to stop for the best access to the lake.

It is a bit of a drive and a mission on the other direction but I highly recommended visiting this strange but really cool place.

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