Uluru, Kings Canyon, Kata Tjuta. The Red Centre

After stopping in Alice Springs I head to the Red Centre. Home to Uluru ( Ayers Rock) this was the one trip I wanted, and had to do whilst in Australia.Though it is summer in Australia, it was the dead season for visiting Uluru and the red centre due to not many people wanting to visit the area in the extreme heat conditions at this time of year reaching a whopping 42 degrees Celsius!!

I booked a two night and three day camping trip out of Alice Springs with a company called The Rock Tour. Which didn’t disappoint one bit.

Getting picked up at 5:30 am from my hostel in Alice Springs by the bus and meeting my fellow travellers, majority of whom, yes, you guessed it german… ( I’m surprised I haven’t actually picked up the language yet ) headed on our six hour drive out to the desert.

We headed straight to the famous Landmark of Uluru after a couple of coffee breaks along the way. After some lunch we filled our water bottles and headed out on a 11 km walk around the base of this magnificent piece of history.

Our driver and Guide Jayden who I was surprised had only been doing these tours for a few months was so full of knowledge about the area.

Talking us through the different areas around the rock, including caves filled with ancient aboriginal art work and what each cave was used for. There are certain areas around Uluru where you can’t take photographs, due to aboriginal customs and being sacred places.

The Uluru climb was first established 70 years ago, with the installation of a chain reaching only knee height, to assist climbers to the top of the 348 metre monster. Aboriginal people want this climb to be made illegal which it will be from August next year. Due to aboriginal customs and for the safety of visitors. Over 40 people have died attempting to climb Uluru mainly due to lack of knowledge and water.

After a BBQ dinner and watching the sunset over Uluru we headed to the campsite to sleep in Swags under the millions of stars in the clear sky’s.

Upon waking, without a snake or spider on any of our faces we ate breakfast and headed out for a walk around the Kata Tjuta National Park.

Kata Tjuta and the Valley Of The Winds offers a 7.5 km hike around the awesome domes. Kata Tjuta meaning Many Heads for the the many large rock formation. Originally like Uluru were a grey colour but due to the wind, rain and rusting iron in the soul they have over thousands of years turned red.

We headed to the aboriginal cultural centre to learn about the history of the area and aboriginal customs. There are art galleries there offering amazing prices of art.

After another nights camp and beautiful night under the stars we headed for a hike through the Kings Canyon.

This Trek takes you through more amazing rock formations covered with with fern and eucalyptus plants and offers amazing views over steep cliffs in the area.

There are many tours operating in the area but I can highly recommend the Rock Tour due to their professional yet fun and entertaining nature. You can find them at The Rock Tour

It was quite possibly the best experience I’ve had in Australia.


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