Two days in Alice Springs

I arrived in to Alice Springs on route to a camping trip out to red centre. The temperature here is possibly the hottest I’ve ever experienced, measuring in at a high 42 degrees!

There is a shuttle bus available at the airport which will take to the majority of hostels and hotels in town.

On arrival in to the main town, again not reading or knowing anything about it, on the bus I started feel it was a bit of a derelict place, from what I could see reminded me a bit of those hardly lived in

Towns you see in western movies.

The Hostel I chose to stay in was quite nice offering a pool, clean and tidy rooms and facilities. I decided to to take a walk in to town to get some food and a few beers to last me a couple nights before my trip.

I’ve heard from a few people and from reading a bit online about the huge alcohol problem there is mainly with the Native aboriginal people especially the further north you get. But couldn’t believe my eyes as I started to get closer to the main shopping centre.

There were literally dozens of people stumbling and lying about the streets in a completely paralytic state.

I also noticed allot of the business in the area with broken windows and just generally run down.

As I left the grocery store thinking, am I actually safe here I headed to the bottle shop to get a few beers. As I entered I realised there was an armed police officer, not security guard! Guarding the store. You will also need a driving license or passport to purchase any alcohol in the state.

I headed past the crowds of drunken people, some homeless but didn’t seem to have any trouble from anyone.

Later on at the hostel I got chatting

to an Australian girl who has been living in the area for the past couple months. After telling her about what I’d seen and how rough the place looked, she told me it is the murder capitol of Australia and the town with the highest police presence in The country!

She said it’s not the most recommend place to wonder around at night, despite there not being any major recent crimes against tourists and travellers in the past couple years. I started to read more online about Alice Springs which really startled me.

The majority of the crime being committed by youths coming in from the outside communities, mainly criminal damage, some mugging and the major alcohol abuse that happens by the adults in the streets here is really saddening!

From what I can understand, there locals here seem to cover up all the crime that happens as it would put off tourists from visiting the Town.

I only stayed in Alice for two nights before my trip out to the red centre, which I think was definitely long enough. It’s sad what is happening to this little town and hope that that things can change there in the future. Maybe don’t watch the Film Wolf Creek before you visit.


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