Townsville Queensland

Before catching the ferry to Magnetic island I stopped in Townsville for the night. I try not to read up too much about a place before I visit, as I kind of like the surprise of what awaits me when I arrive.

Townsville is a city in Queensland nestled between cairns and the Whitsundays. Upon arriving I noticed it was a city of reasonable size, but the streets were completely dead! Empty! It seemed like a ghost town!

Most backpackers visiting the area are all doing the same thing, and only spending a night maybe two before catching the ferry to Magnetic Island.

After checking in to the hostel and doing some much need Landry, I looked up what I could do for the afternoon here. I found a great walking track up to Castle Hill Which was meant to provide a good look out over the city.

I headed off at 5pm in a pair of flip flops, as you do, not knowing how rough the climb would be! Of course at the busiest time to go with local fitness addicts climbing the hill in all the correct attire. Looking in amusement at me as I slid around in my worn out footwear.

After a slow but steady hike I made it to the top and it did offer great view of the city below, and a relatively beautiful sunset.

After my descent I made it back to the hostel to make my dinner. They had recently bought a brand new BBQ so took the opportunity to cook some kangaroo steaks on it that I’d bought earlier.

Started chatting to a few other travellers there, mostly German, again, surprise! I’ve come to the conclusion that there are definitely more Germans here than in Germany. Most I’ve met have been pretty cool though.

There was also an Australian guy form Queensland visiting with his wife and two kids who was quite a laugh to chat to. He shared a few glasses of his home brewed whisky and ginger ale with me, which at first I was a bit apprehensive to try but when Rome… sorry Mum…

I awoke the next day feeling surprisingly fresh and with still having my eyesight got on to the ferry to Magnetic Island.

If you’re visiting Townsville I highly recommend staying at Civic Hostel.

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