Sailing The Whitsunday Islands

After stopping in Agnes Waters for New Year’s Eve I headed To Airlie Beach. I’d pretty much followed a massive storm up the coast so hadn’t pre arranged anything at Airlie Beach apart from a room for a couple nights.

The following morning the weather had cleared quite dramatically, and the beautiful blazing sun was back.

I took a walk to a tour agent and managed to book myself on a one night two day boat trip around the Whitsunday Islands.

I spent the day just wondering around Airlie, and hanging out by the man made beach lagoon, effectively a giant swimming pool with sand around it. I really liked the idea of the lagoon, as due to the amount of Stingers around it gives people the safety of a swim near the beach.

I found Airlie Beach very much like some of the US Virgin Islands, filled with little shops and quite the selection of bars and decent sized marinas.

The following day I met the crew of the boat, Captain Willo, Jai and Wies and the other people on the trip by the Marina to board Samurai.

Samurai was a successful racing boat, at 68 feet in length and refurbished to carry up to 22 passengers on board. Despite Being told before hand not to bring zipped bags, glass bottles or red wine on board due to obvious reasons with the first two and red wine as it stains the deck, there will always be the odd few people that just don’t listen…

There’s no pre Schedule of where you head on this trip as it’s decided by the Captain on the day, and where you’ll anchor for the night.

After a good lunch we anchored of Whitsunday Island the Largest in the archipelago and made our way to Whitehaven Beach. The Sand here has to be the Whitest And purest I’ve seen! Growing up in BVI I’ve always been positive we have the best beaches but this place deserves its place in the top 10 beaches of the world.

After a short but sweaty walk there is a really good Look out over the Beach.

We anchored off Hook Island where we enjoyed Thai Green Curry, our drinks and chat getting to know some of the people on board. Making the slight mistake of buying myself the close to cheapest goon available again which would have been better off on a salad than in my stomach…. I’ll never learn from my mistakes…

The Giant Trevally and a couple dolphins feeding around the boat made the evening even more enjoyable.

The following day after breakfast, we managed to get a couple snorkels In around a few of the reefs.

The water was slightly cloudy and due to my fear of not being able to see the bottom, that I just can’t seem to shake since young I didn’t last too long in there…

I think it stems from my eldest Brother being bitten by a shark when I was younger.

After some lunch we started to make our way back to Airlie Beach.

I’m so glad I managed to fit this little trip in and if you plan on visiting this area and want to sail the Whitsundays I can’t recommend this boat and more importantly the crew enough.

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