Fraser Island Trip

After being stuck over Christmas in the most out the way and empty hostel in Hervey Bay, It was finally time to start my tour of Fraser Island.

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world stretching out 75 miles in length and 15 miles in width. It’s base of volcanic rock that’s been building up the sand for over 750,000 years.

I booked a 2 night 3 day camping tour driving 4×4’s to get around the sandy mass off the Queensland coast. After meeting the rest of the group which ended up only being 12 of us, we boarded the barge and headed out to the Island.

The first stop was the Daintree Rainforest, where our friendly and knowledgeable guide Tom pointed out some of the history of the island, how the aboriginal people there were wiped out from colonialists and the logging of the island to build homes on the mainland.

After dropping off our stuff and having a quick lunch we headed to Lake Wabby to take a swim, and one of our only showers for the trip. It took a good hour to walk there from where we left the cars, along some of the hottest sand I’ve ever walked on! After walking through pretty much dessert we finally made it and everyone was so glad to get in to the water.

Returning to camp to enjoy a BBQ and possibly a little too much goon ( cheap boxed Australian wine ) we headed to the beach to enjoy the sunset and look at the stars.

The following morning, we headed off to see the Maheno Shipwreck. The famous ship was being towed to japan for scrap in 1935 when a cyclone hit and forced to shore. It was used to test bombs during World War Two but now serves as a great photography opportunity.

Continuing on down seventy-five mile beach, which is the main highway of the island here you can spot the Wild Dingos of Fraser, we headed to the Champagne Pools. Which provide a safe place to bathe in the sea water away from the rip tides and shark infested waters. Getting it’s name from the froth created by the sea breaking in to the rocks and filling the rocky pools.

We stopped for a quick walk and look out from Indian Head, getting its name from captain cook as he sailed passed and spotted the Aborigines looking down on him from the rock. It’s a good spot to look out over the island and if you’re lucky spot sharks, rays, and turtles below.

Before heading back to camp we had the chance to stop at Eli Creek, popular with the Australians holidaying there. Another fresh water creek about half way down the highway where bathers can float down stream with the currents.

After another nights camping we headed off Lake Mackenzie, know as the jewel of the island because of it crystal clear water which is so fresh you can drink it and the purest white sand. The sand is so pure you can actually use it wash and condition your hair, and all the girls on the tour were more than happy to get stuck in to.

Fraser Island has definitely been the highlight of my trip so far. If you’re planing on going there I recommend doing one of the camping tours available as you see so much more. One day Bus tours are available but who really wants to be stuck on a bus with only minutes to spend in each place.

Bringing your own food and drink to the island is a must as the one and only shop will charge you double or more compared to the mainland. Easily reaching $48 AUD for a six pack of beer!!!

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