Hervey Bay The Gateway To Fraser Island

I arrived in Hervey Bay, the Gateway to Fraser Island, after getting sick in Brisbane. Needing my own room for a few days to recover I booked in to a hostel ( which I’ll leave nameless ) with the only private room left at the time due to Christmas quickly approaching.

I had to unfortunately cancel my original tour to Fraser, and not being able to rebook till the 28th I was stuck in this hostel and town for a week. As I started to get better, and went for a walk around I realised how quiet the place was.

Hervey Bay is meant to be the whale watching capital of the world, but there were no tours going as it was out of season.

I borrowed a bike from the hostel to go and explore the area further. I came across the local aquarium which turned out to cost $20 to visit, it took the whole of two minutes to walk around their one main tank, which just seemed rather run down. And what I can only describe as an outside area someone had built some walls in the sea, and put two turtles and one baby shark inside, which you are invited to feed.

I’d describe Hervey Bay as a sleepy retirement area. With lots of old wooden shack type houses and holiday homes. I was actually surprised at the prices for for some of these going as low as $230,000 AUD for a two bedroom Villa with a pool.

I managed to find a fishing shop reasonably close, so bought some line, hooks and bait then headed down to Urangan pier to pass some of the time.

The Pier stretches out to sea a good 800 meters, and is filled with people fishing. There were a couple guys there with all the gear, three rods each, coolers and even their t-shirts were fishing related who weren’t catching a thing. I threw my line in and within a few minutes managed to pull up three yellow fin Bream and a Yellow tail snapper much to my amusement and their dismay.

On the way back to the hostel on the bike, I managed to get stacked by three magpies. Flying right down parallel to my face screaming in my ear. I later found out they were probably protecting a nest near by.

As I said, Hervey Bay is the gateway to Fraser Island and I wouldn’t spend more than 2 nights here, being the one before leaving for Fraser and the one when you get back. But it would perhaps suit someone elderly who lives in the city to visit for a peaceful holiday.


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