Brisbane City

After a three hour greyhound trip from Byron Bay I reach Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland. After a very hot and sweaty walk I make it to my Hostel. The temperatures seem to be getting higher the further north I get!

I got up early to explore the city, without knowing much about it I headed straight in to the centre where I instantly realised it wasn’t for me….

Brisbane is a business city, and there really isn’t allot of culture there. Unlike Sydney it just felt so over populated. It reminded me allot of London, where they even have a Southbank and the Brisbane Eye / wheel. There didn’t seem to be an awful lot to explore there.

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

The Next day I headed out to The Lone Pine Kuala sanctuary which is Largest in the country. It’s about a 30 minute bus journey out of the city and makes a nice get away from the hustle of the busy metropolis. It’s open from nine till five daily and costs $30 AUD

Again, I wasn’t overly impressed with the place. It was home to quite a few Koalas, snakes, dingoes, Tasmanian devils and kangaroos.

The kangaroos roam free and you can feed them using feed bought form the cafe for about $2 AUD. The thing that put me off this place a bit was the cues of people lining up to have a photo taken holding a Kuala. I counted up to 40 people at a time taking turns to hold the poor animal just for a photo.

After visiting the Kuala Hospital in Port Macquarie, and learning that these animals don’t actually like any form of human contact, apart from being cared for it just didn’t seem right to me the way they were being used there.


The closet Beaches to Brisbane are on the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise, so there is a man made Beach in the City called South Bank Parklands. Anyone who knows me knows that any man made beach is not for me but would be a good place to visit none the less if you are staying in the area.

There’s Tree lined walks filled with restaurants and shops of which some are quite pricy. A walk along the river is quite a nice thing to do here.

The City Botanic Gardens

The City Botanic Gardens offers some peace and quiet from the manic City streets. A nice place to sit and enjoy a picnic lunch in the well looked after grounds with the impressive buildings poking their way through the canopies.

I noticed allot of business people taking their lunch there to relax and to lay in the shade on their lunch break. Again, I didn’t find it as nice as the one in Sydney, but still worth a stroll through.

The Brisbane Eye

The Brisbane Eye / Wheel offers some great views over the city and is open from ten till ten daily for the price of $20 AUD.

After coming down with quite a bad chest infection, close to pneumonia, I sadly had to miss the one thing that I wanted to do here, which was climb to the top of Mt Coot-tha where there’s meant to be a viewing area boasting amazing views over the City.

There can be awesome sunsets over the City scapes, so if you visit make sure you book a hostel with a rooftop area or visit a rooftop Bar to enjoy some great views at night.

Unfortunately Brisbane was not for me personally, but if you love the hustle of a major city then there are some great things to explore around the area.

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