Byron Bay

After a Seven hour greyhound journey from Port Macquarie I finally make it to Byron Bay which is no doubt the Hippie Centre of Australia.

It was first discovered by the Aboriginals, who named it Cavvanbah which translates to The Meeting Place, where people met and exchanged Resources.

It’s a small surfer town on the Australian east coast with a very slowed down and care free pace of life. Filled with camper vans where many surfers from around the world visit this chilled out beautiful place.

I spent 3 nights in this cool chilled out place but could have easily spent a few more. There is so much to do! Exploring the beaches, sea kayaking, catching the happy coach to the nearby hippie village of Nimbin and learning to surf, which I really regret not doing.

There’s a great costal walk which is about a 3.7 km loop to the Cape Byron Lighthouse and back. Offering great scenery through the bush land and costal views. About half way you reach the most Easterly Point of Australia, where I decided to jump over a fence to get a good photo, whilst ripping my shorts much to the amusement of the people passing by….

The town is filled with Boutique, craft and Herbal remedy shops offering alternative medicines and hemp products and some of the best street art I’ve seen.

Byron Bay is great stop over offering a great experience in a laid back, care free town with beautiful beaches like Main Beach, Belongil, Tallows and Wategoes to relax on.

I highly recommend stopping at Byron Bay, it’s just one of those places you won’t want to leave.

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