Port Macquarie

After a six and half hour greyhound trip from Sydney I got off in Port Macquarie. Making my way to the hostel I’d booked. I thought I’d made a bit of a mistake, as the place seemed a bit rough. But I couldn’t have been more wrong!

As I got closer to the hostel which was a stone’s throw away from the main Town Beach I could already sense the laid back, surfer kind of town.

After checking in, I headed to to the closest Beach, Town Beach. There were surfers and bodyboarders everywhere! Since visiting I’ve read that it’s the bodyboarding capital of the world.

The Breakwall

I took a walk along the beach then along the breakwall, where every rock was painted with pictures and vibrant colours. The majority seem to be in memory of people who have passed on, with a few wild ones thrown in to the mix.

Sea Acres Costal Walk

The following day I got up early to do the costal walk through the Sea Acres National Park which is roughly nine km or just over five miles. It takes you along various beaches such as Town Beach, Flynn’s Beach and Shelly and parts of the rainforest to Tacking point lighthouse.The views out to Sea are stunning and even caught a glimpse of a lone dolphin coming up for air. But by the time I got my camera out it had disappeared. The walk through the rainforest parts were filled with wildlife, such as birds, lizards, snakes, and wild turkeys! Which are equally as flattering as their Christmas dinner cousins.After a hot and sweaty three hour walk I finally made it to the light house, and the views were breathtaking. Allot of parts of the walk reminded me of the Caribbean.The Koala HospitalAfter making my way back from the Costal Walk I went to the world’s only kuala hospital. It was a bit different to what I was expecting, as I thought you could actually hold one. I’d still recommend a visit there though.

The majority of Koalas have been brought in from road traffic injuries, forest fires and surprisingly the most common was chlamydia which causes them to go blind.You can get a free guided tour which is very informative that starts at 3pm every day.

Sea Acres Rainforest

Another nice walk to do in Port Macquarie is the Sea Acres Rainforest Board Walk. Elevated seven meters above the ground which allows you to get deep in to the rainforest. It is a one and half kilometre walk through many species of trees and plants also offering the opportunity to spot many different birds, goannas and diamond pythons.

I’d really recommend stoping in Port Macquarie if you’re traveling up or down the east coast of Australia.


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