The Stunning Blue Mountains

After I saw Sydney, I was so eager to go and explore some of the outback. With the Blue Mountains, Home to the Famous three sisters only a reasonably short distance away I had to visit.I got up early and caught the train to Katoomba station to meet the Blue Mountains explorer bus before the
hoards of tourists arrived, which they did,
Mostly Chinese with their face masks and
Selfie sticks at the ready!

I chose the explorer bus as I only had a day to see the area and wanted to see as much as possible, but you could easily spend two to three days there hiking through the beautiful Mountains. And adult ticket was around $40 AUD

The Paths along the walks were clearly marked and easy to follow, through the lush rainforest. The air filled with the noise of different species of birds and insects At the top of the canopies.After a hot and sweaty thirty minute walk I came to the first waterfall, Katoomba Falls. This hike then leads to the scenic world where you can get on a cable cart giving a birdโ€™s eye view of the Three Sisters and the Blue Mountains.At the end of the walk, I made my way back to the bus drop off area, heading to. Echo Point, Which had to be the best lookout areas for the Sisters.
The driver giving interesting stories about the area, and how the Sisters got their name. You can make your way down a really steep narrow staircase to see them closer up.Next stop was Honeymoon Lookout, offering more great views around the mountains and a walking track to Leura Cascades and Gordon Falls.Continuing on to Wentworth Falls, making my way down a slightly muddy sign posted footpath, I came to a stop where the marked footpath had been fenced off and another marked detour.

After following the detour path for a few minutes I came to a cross roads and two Italians arguing about which way to go.
With them going down one path I cleverly decided to take the other one, leading me on a half hour journey through the hot sweaty jungle without a clue where I was going.

I looked at my phone and managed to use google maps to get back up to the road to get the bus back to the station to catch the train, slightly disappointed I didnโ€™t make it to Wentworth Falls, but overall an amazing experience exploring the stunning Blue Mountains.


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