Oto’s Travels

Hi I’m Oto, welcome to my blog.

I’ll start this first post with a few random facts about me and what this blog will be about.


Random facts about me

1) I’m 34 years old and currently living in the New Forest area of the UK.
2) I was born in the beautiful British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean and lived there till I was 10 before moving to the Uk. I moved back out there when I was 20 for 5 years working at a restaurant which I really enjoyed.
3) Before deciding to pack a bag and buy a one way ticket I was working as a chef at a golf club in the new forest.
4) My dream has always been to travel, explore and see as much as I can without ever settling, but like many I found myself stuck in a bit of a rut. But it’s never too late for change and the time is now.
5) I love Reggae music, but will listen to most genres.
6) I’ve watched far too many to series for my own good, often binge watching entire series in one go.
7) Random hobbies that I enjoy include fitness, fishing and photography.
8) When I got in to fitness I was instantly hooked! After 3 years I entered an amateur bodybuilding competition, but didn’t place. None the less it was an amazing experience.

The Reasons I Want To Travel

1) I’ve always been good at spending time alone, but it’s time I break out of my shell to make new friends and meet new people from all walks of life.
2) I’ve always worked as a chef and had a passion for good food so looking forward to experiencing as much as I can.
3) To experience living outside my comfort zone for once and taking whatever is thrown at me.
4) To learn as much as I can about different cultures and how people live in different places around the world.
5) Though I’ve been to a few cool places, I want to see the world through long term travel rather than a couple weeks vacation.
6) I know that I have to do this now and it will be one of my biggest regrets in life if I don’t. Though I may not see it all it will be better than not seeing it at all.
7) I love photography, and though quite the amateur, I’d like to improve it by capturing new and unfamiliar surroundings.

Where Am I Going?

I’ll be starting this adventure in Sydney Australia and making my way up the east coast. For the most part I’ll be travelling without set plans, as that is all part of the fun right? I’ll be booking my first few days accommodation to get my bearings before moving on up the country in an anti-clockwise motion.

I’m not really one for the tourist traps, and prefer quieter more historic places. Although I do want to see some of the greatest landmarks I’ll be moving as swiftly as I can through the overcrowded areas.

From Australia I plan to move on to New Zealand, one of the places I’m looking forward to visiting the most. I’ll be traveling both the North and south islands before moving on to south east Asia. Starting in Thailand. As I said, I’m traveling without having set plans, but just throwing myself out there seems to be the best and most fun way to do this little adventure.

From South East Asia, I plan to travel back to the UK for a short stint, before moving on to my second home in the British Virgin Islands to visit family before going to Peru and then hopefully on to the USA and Canada. This is all dependant on money, and how much I can see on the budget that I have.

My Blog

My blog, Oto’s travels, will contain details of all my adventures. I hope in the future to end up giving advice and tips to anyone wishing to visit the places I’ve been. I’m looking forward in seeing where I can take this blog in the future.




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